Casino Chip Reference sites

The Chip Guide

THE premier reference sites for chip collectors. Designed from the ground up by Greg Susong,(deceased 2009) this wonderful site was originally the reference site for US Indian & Riverboat casino chips. It has now grown to include all the US States and now is expanding to include a Global Chip Guide. The Chip guide Number or CG number, have become the hobby's standard for indentifying chips from these specific areas of chip collecting. This amazing collection of chips and the contributions of scans from other collectors is what makes this site so widely used. With well over 60,000 entries & 100's more added every week you need to book mark this site if you're into casino from anywhere around the globe.

The Caribbean Chip Guide

More recently this fantastic resource for Caribbean chip collectors was released by Charles Kaplan. It features chips & casino collectibles from just about every know spot in the Caribbean plus a few from Central America thrown in for good measure. Like the Chip Guide, Charles has adopted the same, simple identification system as the Chip Guide, enabling collectors to use a uniform way of identifying chips. The Caribbean Chip Guide uses a CCG prefix.

Ships & Chips

If you can't find the Cruise Ship chip you're looking for on this site then it probably doesn't exist! John Long's wonderful reference site as a must bookmark for any collector of Cruise Ship chips.

Silver State Treasures

Sometimes referred to as "The Visual Chip Rack", Paul Hegge's site features a pictorial history of chips from throughout Nevada. From Las Vegas to unknown towns. Lists TCR numbers (The Chip Rack ID numbers) with all entries.

Reno Casino Chips

One of my favourite online chip reference sites. The images are superb & the information is abundant. No stone is left unturned in documenting the casino chips from Reno & Northern Nevada. Larry Hollibaugh's site is easy to use and you can easily lose many hours just scrolling through all the wonderful chips on his site.

Cash Coin Connection

John Kallman has put together a website covering many areas of collecting. Just some of the areas covered are North Dakota Charity Casinos, Australia & New Zealand chips, Cruise Ship Chips, Chinese inscribed chips, Florida, Military & much more.

Cash Coin Connection also hosts the Richard Edward Staeffler Memorial Project. A massive listing of all known Californian Card Room & Native American casino chips by Dick Staeffler. A great resource for finding that unknown Californian chip.

Atlantic City Casino Chips

From "Mr. Chips" himself, Archie Black, comes the most comprehensive online reference for Atlantic City chips. If you've got a chip from AC then you'll find it listed here.

Colorado Casino Chip Exchange

Another handy reference for identifying Colorado Casino Chips. Click on Colorado Reference on the top right hand side for a listing of open & closed Colorado Casino.

Deadwood Chips & Gaming Tokens

Deadwood, South Dakota to be precise. Another well presented & easy to navigate reference guide for all Deadwood casino chips & tokens.

Illegal Chip Price Guide

For those new to collecting this might sound a little shady. To put your minds at ease these chips are not illegal, merely the clubs that used them back in the days.

This is an invaluable resource for any chip that came from an illegal or unlicensed establishment. Covers States from every corner of the United Sates and gives an approximate value for each chip.

Antique Gambling Chips & Gambling Memorabilia

If you're into antique chips, ivory, bone, mother of pearl chips & more, then this is the site for you. Also features the Embossed Rim Mold Design Project. A comprehensive, alphabetical list of mold designs for chips.

Marlow Casino Chips

While not a reference site as such, it deserves mention in this section for its Bill Borland Commemorative Chip section & Illegal Gaming Records section. In addition also features some wonderful research articles by some prominent & long time collectors. Well worth a browse.

Fran's Chips

This is more of a collection showcase than a reference site but it can be just the site you were looking for. Fran Alejandre's fantastic collection of foreign chips can sometimes be the only reference available when looking for an ID on that unknown chip you have. Continually updated, it's a great site that features chips from all over the globe.

The Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club

I have listed this link here specifically for the Fakes, Fantasy and Counterfeit Chip section of the site. Many times when I started out collecting casino chips I was a glad there was such a reference to turn to. The purpose of this page is help collectors identify chips that are known to be fake, fantasy or counterfeit.

Russian Casino Chips

Chip collector Vitaly Safronov's website will open your eyes to chips from Russia & the Ukraine. His site showcases a substantial collection of chips from Eastern Europe and other parts of the globe. As the site is in Russian I would recommend Google Translate for all non-russian speaking collectors.


The Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club

The Casino Chip & Gaming Token Collectors Club or CC&GTCC for short, is an educational organization with the mission of preserving gaming history.

The club website has a wealth of information on chip collecting including some fantastic articles, detailed reference sections, glossaries, member lists & much more.

For more information on becoming a member of the CC&GTCC just drop me an email

The Chip Board

The Chip Board is a forum open to any chip collector anywhere in the world. You don't have to be a member of the CC&GTCC to use it although the majority of posts are made by members. This is where you will learn more about chip collecting than you could ever possibly remember. If you want to buy, sell, trade or just talk chips then this is the place to be.

For those also interested in Slot Cards or Silver Strikes there are also similar forum sites you can visit.

For Slot Cards go to and for Silver Strikes try