About the Australian Chip Guide

Introduction to the ACG

The Australian Chip Guide was created to showcase the Casino Chips & Casino Memorabilia from Australian and New Zealand Casinos. In addition I wanted to create a Guide Number system that corresponded with the widely used and accepted Chip Guide and Caribbean Chip Guide.

The Chip Guide numbering or ID system uses a CG prefix while the Caribbean Chip Guide uses a CCG prefix. The Australian Chip Guide has followed the same protocols and all guide numbers feature an ACG prefix for ease of identification.

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Searching the ACG

To search the database of chips & memorabilia on the Australian Chip Guide CLICK HERE.

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Submit Scans to the ACG

If you would like to donate scans of Australian or New Zealand chips and memorabilia that are not already featured on the Australian Chip Guide then please CLICK HERE

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ACG Guide Numbers

I have created the Australian Chip Guide numbers or ACG numbers for short, to make identification of Australian and New Zealand Casino Chips & Memorabilia quick and simple. Once assigned to a chip or item an ACG number will never change.

  • BLACK ACG Numbers indicate that the chips or memorabilia item is in my collection.
  • RED ACG Guide Numbers indicate that the chip or memorabilia ARE NOT in my collection. These scans have been donated by other collectors or gathered from the internet.

Any chip or memorabilia item that has a RED ACG number, I would like to add to my personal collection. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested in selling or trading.

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Colour Abbreviations

Throughout this website and where possible, I have used the colours of the Paulson Colour Samples to name the base colour of the chips and the insert colours on the chips. The full colour name is listed for the base colour of each chip but in the case of inserts I have abbreviated the colour names. Below are the abbreviations I use for the 78 Paulson Colours

ALM - AlmondFORGRN - Forest GreenOCNBLU - Ocean Blue
APR - ApricotFCH - FuschiaOFFWHT - Off White
AQU - AquaGLD - GoldORG - Orange
ARCYEL - Arc YellowGRP - GrapeORC - Orchid
BAHBLU - Bahama BlueGRY - GreyPCH - Peach
BEI - BeigeHAWFLW - Hawaii FlowerPET - Petunia
BLK - BlackHRZBLU - Horizon BluePNK - Pink
BLZORG - Blaze OrangeHOTPNK - Hot PinkPLM - Plum
BLP - BlurpleICEBLU - Ice BluePUR - Purple
BRZ - BronzeINDBLU - Indian BlueRADRED - Radiant Red
BUT - ButterscotchLAV - LavenderRED - Red
CANYEL - Canary YellowLEMGRN - Lemon GreenROS - Rose
CAR - CarrotLTBLU - Light BlueROYBLU - Royal Blue
CHA - CharcoalLTPNK - Light PinkROYRED - Royal Red
CHE - CherryLIL - LilacRUS - Russet
CHO - ChocolateLIMGRN - Lime GreenSAL - Salmon
COF - CoffeeMAR - MaroonSEAGRN - Sea Green
COLORG - Colon OrangeMAU - MauveSHRGRN - Sherbet Green
DSY - DaisyMEL - MelonSHRORG - Sherbet Orange
DKBLU - Dark BlueMETGLD - Metallic GoldSHOGRY - Showboat Grey
DKBRN - Dark BrownMETSIL - Metallic SilverSKYBLU - Sky Blue
DKGRN - Dark GreenMNTGRN - Mint GreenSUN - Sunrise
DAYBLU - Day BlueMOSGRN - Moss GreenTAN - Tan
DAYGRN - Day GreenMNZGRN - Munzell GreenWAT - Watermelon
DESFLW - Desert FlowerMUS - MustardWHT - White
DOLBLU - Dolphin BlueNVYBLU - Navy BlueYEL - Yellow

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Guide Numbers

Also known as ID#'s or catalogue numbers. The Guide numbers used on this site are the identifying numbers I use for the chips in my collection. These are taken from a few different sources that I have found is either the best way or the most commonly accepted way to indentify particular chips.

Any chip that does not have a guide number has either
a) not been catalogued with guide numbers
b) does not have guide numbers that I am aware of, or
c) has a numbering system that I currently do not use.



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Chip Terminology

Please click here for an extensive list of the terminology used in the chip collecting hobby. The link will take you to the terminology page on the CC&GTCC website.

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What is H&C? What is an insert? How do a clean a chip? For the answers to these questions and many more the best place to go is the Casino Chip & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club website. Click on the title that best relates to your query and you will be taken to the corresponding page on the CC&GTCC website.

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Usage Guidelines

When using this site you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

You may use the information and images within this website for personal, non-commercial uses only. Information and images may be used for want lists or posting to online collecting forums such as the Chip Guide.

You MAY NOT use any image found within the Australian Chip Guide on auctions sites such as eBay.

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Technical Information

The site was created in PHP/HTML, and the backend database is contained in MySQL. Everything is online, so any changes I need to make are done via the website so they are live instantly. For more information please contact David Murrin.

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